The RJ Library is a database of over 12,000 (and counting) abstracts of articles, books, technical documents, and other publications related to restorative justice. Many of these are linked to full-text copies of the entries.

The information in the database comes from several sources. The initial "floor" of this collection was an annotated bibliography prepared by Dr. Paul McCold for the Working Party on Restorative Justice of the Alliance of NGOs on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice. That bibliography was published as Restorative Justice: Annotated Bibliography in 1997. The publisher is Criminal Justice Press, of Monsey, NY. Criminal Justice Press holds the copyright to this publication, and gave us permission to use it in this library.

The Centre for Justice & Reconciliation updates the database on a regular basis. This includes searching the web and other research databases to identify new publications as well as collecting submissions from visitors to the site.

If you have recommendations about articles to add to the collection, questions or comments about any documents that are included, or suggestions about the Articles Library, please contact us.