The role lawyers should play in restorative justice programmes is a provocative and complex issue. On one hand, defense lawyers are used to speaking for their clients and restorative processes require the parties to speak for themselves. Nevertheless, a lawyer can be an important safeguard against due process and human rights violations. These articles address these and related matters.

Milwaukee County's Community Conferencing Program: The Role of the Defense Lawyer

Source: (2002) The Wisconsin Defender. A Journal of Research and Education Published by the Office of the Wisconsin State Public Defender. 10(3):15-17. Downloaded 2 October 2003.In this article, Terese Dick, a public defender in Wisconsin, discus... Read More

"Mediated Civil Compromise: A Tool for Restorative Justice."

Source: (-0001) Oregon Defense Attorney Journal.Price posits an instance of embezzling as an example of a case of an offense in which society has little or no need to exact retribution from the offender and, likewise, little or no need to punish f... Read More

Improving the human condition.

Source: (2013) Campbell Law Review. 35(2):283-286.As a criminal defense attorney, I was often frustrated with my inability and the inability of the system I worked in to bring healing to people who had been injured by crime. It was this frustrat... Read More

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