Restorative processes are often used instead of court hearings. So what role do judges play in initiating and overseeing them? These articles address judges' use of and attitudes toward restorative justice programmes. 

Restorative justice and the role of the judge

Source: (2002) In Restorative Justice and its Relation to the Criminal Justice System: Papers from the second conference of the European Forum for Victim-Offender Mediation and Restorative Justice, Oostende, Belgium, 10-12 October. Pp. 36-40. Down... Read More

God is a just judge

from the post by Perennial Student: Every church I have been part of since I was converted at age fourteen has clearly taught that justice means that God has to punish sin. We receive forgiveness only because the punishment we deserve was suffe... Read More

The Crown v Junior Sami. Notes of Judge FWM McElrea on Sentencing.

Source: (2005) District Court at Auckland, New Zealand. 14 October. Downloaded 2 November 2005. These sentencing notes refer to a case of assault that went to a restorative process. The judge refers to the report from the process and its impact o... Read More

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