Articles about the use of restorative justice programmes by prosecutors, as well as articles by prosecutors about their experiences with them.

Restorative Justice and the Prosecutor

Source: (2000) Fordham Urban Law Review. 27:1651.Frederick Gay begins this article with the remark that it is the 'us versus them' (good versus evil) mentality that pervades the traditional prosecutor's office, or at least the desires of young law... Read More

"Restorative Justice: A New Paradigm for the Prosecutor."

Source: (2000) Hartford, CT, Community Court. Journal Prosecutor 34(6) pp.31-35.This report profiles the Hartford, CT, Community Court, which opened in Nov. ’98 and uses RJ approaches for minor crimes. The court focuses on the reasons underlyi... Read More

Public Prosecutor v Sablan.

Source: (2003) VUSC 37; Criminal Case No 020 of 2003 (3rd July). Supreme Court of the Republic of Vanuatu. Downloaded 15 November 2005.2. The victim girl was seriously affected. It was very painful for her to give evidence against her father doin... Read More

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