Juvenile Crime and Justice in Canada

Source: (2002) In, Nicholas Bala, et. al., eds. Juvenile Justice Systems: An International Comparison of Problems and Solutions. Pp. 19-41..In Canada, the federal government enacts criminal laws and procedures, including juvenile justice laws and ... Read More

COST Action: "Restorative justice developments in Europe"

Source: (2003) Newsletter of the European Forum for Victim-Offender Mediation and Restorative Justice. 4 (1): 5. Downloaded 11 September 2003.COST (European Cooperation the field of Scientific and Technological Research) is an intergovernmental Eu... Read More

Standards and Norms in Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice

Source: (2003) Vienna, Austria: United Nations, Economic and Social Council Secretary-General.The constituencies represented in this report include Member States, United Nations entities, other intergovernmental organizations, nongovernmental orga... Read More

Initiative of the Kingdom of Belgium with a view to the adoption of a Council Decision setting up a European network of national contact points for restorative justice

Source: (2002) 2002/C 242/09. Official Journal of the European Communities. C242/20. 8 October. Downloaded 29 April 2005.A European network of national contact points for restorative justice (hereinafter referred to as ‘the network’), is her... Read More

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