Articles describing restorative justice programs whose objective is to prepare prisoners (and sometimes their families, victims and/or communities) for their release.

Citizens' Circles: Community Collaboration in Re-Entry

Source: (2003) Corrections Today Magazine. 65(5): 52-54Through an examination of Ohio’s offender re-entry plan, the article underscores the importance of a broad systems approach for helping offenders successfully re-integrate into their communi... Read More

From Prison Safety to Public Safety: Innovations in Offender Reentry

Source: (2002) Reentry Partnership Initiatives (RPI) series. College Park, MD: Bureau of Governmental Research, University of Maryland, College Park. Downloaded 28 May 2004.Getting organizations to move outside the box and form system-wide, big pi... Read More

Report of the Re-Entry Policy Council: Charting the Safe and Successful Return of Prisoners to the Community

Source: (2005) New York: Re-Entry Policy Council, Council of State Governments (Eastern Regional Conference). Downloaded 27 January 2005.In 2001 the Council of State Governments established the Re-Entry Policy Council (RPC). The RPC is a network o... Read More

Ex-offender Reintegration: Theory and Practice

Source: (2004) In, Shadd Maruna and Russ Immarigeon, eds, After Crime and Punishment: Pathways to Offender Reintegration. Devon, UK and Portland Oregon: Willan Publishing. Pp. 3-26.After providing an overview of the theory and practice of ex-offe... Read More

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