Articles about prison programs whose objective is to transform the prisoner using a combination of restorative justice and rehabilitation.

An outcome evaluation of the InnerChange Freedom Initiative

from the research brief produced by the Minnesota Department of Corrections: To evaluate the effectiveness of the InnerChange program for male inmates at MCFLino Lakes, the DOC examined recidivism outcomes among 732 offenders released from prison... Read More

Virtuous Prison: Toward a Restorative Rehabilitation.

Source: (2001) In, Henry N. Pontell and David Shichor, eds., Contemporary Issues in Crime and Criminal Justice: Essays in Honor of Gilbert Geis. Upper Saddle River: Prentice Hall Publishing. Pp. 265-286.The fundamental goal of the "virtuous priso... Read More

Brazil's restorative prisons.

Source: (2013) in, Katherine S. van Wormer and Lorenn Walkers, eds, Restorative Justice Today: Practical Applications. Los Angeles: Sage. PP. 151-161.Brazil imprisons thousands, but a small percentage for fortunate people are imprisoned in APAC (A... Read More

"Growing Interest in Innovative Prison Management System"

Source: (2001) Restorative Justice Online. November 2001 Edition.Prison Fellowship affiliates in several countries are operating unique programs that make dramatic changes in prison management. These changes are based on a methodology developed by... Read More

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