Articles about the application of restorative practices to conflict and employee disciplinary procedures in the workplace.

"Workplace mediation."

Source: (2000) In Mediation in Context, ed. Marian Liebmann, 166-176. With an introduction by Marian Liebmann. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers.While there are varying emphases among different people in defining mediation, Reynolds holds mediat... Read More

Workplace Conferencing: A Breath of Fresh Air from Australia

Source: (1999) Common Ground: Conflict Resolution News. October. London, Ontario: MUNN Conflict Resolution Services. Downloaded 25 January 2005.Conflict occurs in the workplace as in other areas of life. The question is how to do a better job of m... Read More

Restorative Practices in the Workplace

Source: (2002) Paper presented at "Dreaming of a New Reality," the Third International Conference on Conferencing, Circles and other Restorative Practices, August 8-10, 2002, Minneapolis, Minnesota.This presentation provides a practical insight in... Read More

Workplace conflict resolution--issues and dilemmas for practitioners

Source: (2001) Paper presented at the Reconciliation: Conversations Beyond Cultural Boundaries conference, held in Adelaide, South Australia, 29 November -December 1. Adelaide, South Australia: University of South Australia, Asia Pacific Mediation... Read More

Bullying in the workplace

Source: (2000) Gazette: A Royal Canadian Mounted Police Publication 62 (5/6): 40-42.While modern restorative justice theory and practice originated in a criminal justice context, some proponents seek to extend restorative justice principles and pr... Read More

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