Source: (2000) A contribution to the Committee on the Rights of the Child Day of General Discussion on “State Violence Against Children”, Geneva, Penal Reform International.

The following Plan focuses on ways of reducing violence within juvenile justice systems around the world. The plan builds on the relevant international instruments: the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Standard minimum Rules for the Administration of Juvenile Justice and the UN Rules for the Protection of Juveniles Deprived of their Liberty. Penal Reform International (PRI) believes that a proper administration of juvenile justice cannot be achieved without a strong education and social welfare system. Helping young people in conflict with the law to become law abiding adults is much more the job of parents, teachers, social workers and psychologists than it is police, courts and prisons. PRI believes that juvenile offending should be dealt with as far as possible outside the formal criminal justice and penal systems. It is important to ensure that alternative systems- particularly those involving institutional care- take proper steps to protect children from violence and abuse. (excerpt)