Tragically, it is common for relationship conflicts to escalate to the point where there is a real danger of violence.   In these circumstances, the first priority is to protect the parties from one another. Only then is it appropriate to work through the Stop Fighting tutorial . . .

The tutorial tells How to Stop Fighting through these seven steps:

Step #1: Limit the Escalation Spiral (Quit digging the hole deeper.)

Step #2: Overcoming the Hurt — Replacing Humiliation with Respect

Step #3: Break Down Misunderstandings — Communicate Well

Step #4: Fighting Fairly: Developing a System for Handling Disputes

Step #5: Effective Negotiation

Step #6: Deal Constructively with Irreconcilable Differences

Step #7: Keep Your Eye on the Ball: Remember What’s Important

Tip of the hat to Kris Miner.