Source: (1989) In: M. Wright and B. Galaway (eds.), Mediation and Criminal Justice: Victims, Offenders and Community. London, UK: Sage Publications, pp. 82-98.

This chapter considers one of the three court-based Home Office funded schemes, at Coventry. Drawing on the scheme's experience and results and available research material over the first two years of operation, the author discusses the background, structure, aims, and method of operation (reparation and mediation). Results suggest that low rates of court referrals were caused by the dependence on the cooperation of individual court personnel and high restriction imposed by court procedures. Recidivism results suggest offenders involved in mediation had fewer and less serious reoffenses, but too few cases had been processed to be definitive. Reparation and victim/offender mediation are very promising approaches to juvenile offending in Great Britain.