Source: (2004) DVD and CD-ROM multimedia resource. Mission, B.C., Canada: Heartspeak Productions.

A Healing River is a training resource for introducing groups to restorative justice. Designed to be viewed either in segments or at one time, it deals with issues such as trauma, recovery, and the psychology of the restorative process. The 84-minute documentary uses the voices of practitioners, victims and offenders to explore the meaning and values of restorative justice. Personal experiences are intermixed with comments from practitioners and academics discussing the problems in the criminal justice system and the potential of restorative justice to foster change. Individuals featured in the film include Kay Pranis, Barry Stuart, Sandy Bryce, Joe Solanto, Donald Nathanson, Harold and Phil Gatensby, Sandi Bergen, Dave Gustafson, Lize Elliot, Celine Lee, Deltonia Cook and Warren Glowatski. A 24-page discussion guide with comments and ideas for generating conversation is included with the film.