Source: (2002) For July 2000-June 2001. Olympia, WA: Governor's Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee (GJJAC), Office of Juvenile Justice. Downloaded 3 May 2004.

Building on the balanced and restorative justice approach to juvenile crime, Washington State in 1997 began funding projects rooted in restorative justice concepts and principles, such as victim-offender mediation, victim impact panels, and community accountability boards. In 1999 the Governor’s Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee (GJJAC) asked how these programs are affecting communities and justice agencies dealing with juvenile crime, and whether the programs are effective. Accordingly, reviews of existing restorative justice projects in several counties were undertaken. This document summarizes the activities and accomplishments of six restorative justice projects in those counties. It is part of a meta-review of the extent to which community restorative justice has been implemented in Washington State. Additionally, this document includes a report on a recidivism study conducted among a representative number of juvenile offenders in the state. The study compares outcomes for those who underwent restorative interventions with outcomes for those who did not.

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