Source: (2010) Reflexions past, present and future. Restorative Justice Week 2010. Correctional Services of Canada.

The concept of developing a Canadian RJ organization was first officially discussed at a plenary session during the National RJ Symposium in Ottawa in 2005 with input from some regional groups unable to be at the event. With considerable interest along with some cautions expressed, several volunteers stepped forward to explore the idea further though a group that came to be known as the Steering Committee for the establishment of a Canadian Restorative Justice Consortium (CRJC). Collaborative work across the miles plus two face to face meetings allowed this group to produce a discussion paper on the subject, which was circulated widely twice in Canada in 2008 and 2009 to all known groups in this field. The 97 responses indicated that there was a high level of support for the development of a national organization. A majority of the respondents (90%) agreed that there was a need to develop a national group. Most of the other 10% of respondents indicated that they were not sure whether the CRJC should be established. (excerpt)

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