Source: (2001) Institute of Criminology, UCT, in association with Child Justice Alliance. Down loaded 25 June 03.

During the process of investigating and drafting the Child Justice Bill, there has been extensive consultation of both international and local information relating to child justice. This information comes in various formats: there are conventions, statutes, bills, papers, textbooks, articles, conference papers, to mention but a few. Furthermore, within these various formats, the sources of information differ in content: some are quite broad in nature, covering lots of issues under one title, whilst other sources are fairly specific, and deal with just one or two issues. At the same time, some sources of information are full of legal and technical language, whereas others contain information that is expressed in a way that is relatively easy to understand. For anyone wishing to familiarise himself or herself with, or hoping to read more about, issues relating to child justice, the process of identifying and locating the most appropriate material for reading is often a daunting one. That is why we have created this annotated bibliography. Whether an individual is acquainted with child justice or not, this bibliography hopes to be of some assistance by drawing together a collection of profiles on some of the most relevant child justice information currently available. Excerpt from document.

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