Source: (2003) Fresno: Center for Peacemaking and Conflict Studies. Downloaded 5 May 2003

Building upon his prior paper – “A Peacemaking Model" – Ron Claassen extends his development of a peacemaking model for dealing with conflict, wrongdoing, injustice, and violence. He notes at the outset several key words in this model: peace-shalom; love-agape; forgiveness; confession; atonement; repentance; and trust. These words are used in both the faith and the secular worlds, but with a variety of meanings. One of Claassen’s strategies then in this paper is to use stories and traditions from his faith tradition (he identifies himself as a Christian-Anabaptist-Mennonite) to help clarify his understanding and use of each idea. His overall aim is that this peacemaking model and article will contribute to a dialogue regarding restorative justice in communities.

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