Source: (2002) Fresno: Center for Peacemaking and Conflict Studies. Downloaded 15 July 2004.

Ron Claassen begins this paper with the premise that peace is more than the absence of war or conflict. Peace, as he uses it, is based on the Hebrew word shalom, indicating right relationships and justice. Peacemaking is necessary because of the problems of injustice and violation of relationships. From observations of people responding to injustice and conflict, especially in cases dealt with in a victim offender reconciliation program (VORP), he seeks to identify a pattern for reconciliation, for making things right in the wake of such problems. This he calls A Peacemaking Model. This paper presents that model. To illustrate the model, Claassen recounts examples of conflict and conflict resolution from VORP cases, outlines a pattern for reconciliation and making things right, and reflects on the actual application of this pattern in real-life situations.

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