Source: (2005) Richmond, Victoria, Australia: Jesuit Social Services. Downloaded 19 October 2005.

This document consists of a discussion paper for public release, the aim of which is to encourage exploration of the use of restorative justice conferencing for young adult offenders (up the age of 25) in the state of Victoria, in Australia. The paper was developed by Jesuit Social Services in consultation with an advisory group of key stakeholders and others interested in restorative justice in Victoria. The major topics examined in the paper are the following: the need for a policy discussion paper in this area; the context and rationale for extending group conferencing to young adults up to the age of 25; and the specifics of the proposal for a restorative justice group conferencing program. A final section provides additional information on the members of the advisory committee, definitions of important terms and ideas, a feedback sheet for responses to this discussion paper, and a bibliography of relevant resources.

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