Source: Presented by Craig Jenkins (Community Conferencing Program, Youth Justice). Victims of Crime Association of Queensland, Australia. Downloaded 17 May 2004.

As noted by the author of this paper, crime has many disorienting and damaging effects on victims. As a victim-centered approach, conferencing recognizes and provides opportunities for building resilience in victims of crime. Resilience in this context refers to the capacity and skills to deal with and overcome the damaging effects of crime. Conferencing also encourages resilience in those who work with victims of crime. With all of this in mind, the author describes the nature and process of community conferencing, especially as it is practiced in Queensland, Australia. Conferencing has been operating in three regions in Queensland since 1996, as well as in other parts of Australia and other countries. Community conferencing is an alternative and diversionary option, and sometimes a supplement, to court proceedings. It has been well received by victims of crime who have participated in it.