Source: (2014) Farnham ; Burlington, Vt. : Ashgate Pub. Limited.

Contents: Part I: Setting the scene -- Living with intimate partner violence: Heeni's story / Heeni Rongo in collaboration with Naida Glavish and Anne Hayden -- Family violence and the courts / David Mather -- Part II: Violence in the home -- Understanding the prevalence of violence against women in New Zealand -- implications for restorative justice / Janet Fanslow -- Ma matou ma tatau -- working together to change young lives : where to next with child protection in New Zealand? / Paul Nixon -- Elder abuse and neglect / Judith Davey -- Violent girls -- a casualty of family violence / Donna Swift -- Part III: The practice of restorative justice in family violence -- a case study -- Titiro Whakamuri's looking back -- Titiro Whakamua's looking forward / Maxine Rennie -- Changing lives through restorative justice -- a judicial perspective / Chris McGuire -- Restoring the balance -- restorative justice and intimate partner violence / Ken McMaster -- Part IV: Recognizing culture in restorative responses to family violence -- The promise and possibilities of restorative justice as a way of addressing intimate partner violence in England and Wales / Loraine Gelsthorpe -- Restorative practice with family violence / Julia Hennessy, Mike Hinton and Natalia Taurima -- A Pacific perspective on restorative justice: the power of saying "sorry" / Marie Ropeti -- Part V: Restorative justice and family violence -- research findings -- The use of restorative justice in family violence : the New Zealand experience / Venezia Kingi -- Perpetrators' and victims' views of restorative justice and intimate partner violence / Anne Hayden -- Taking a fresh look -- fathers and family violence / Gale Burford and Joan Pennell -- Sibling sexual abuse -- offending patterns and dynamics in conferences / Kathleen Daly and Dannielle Wade -- Part VI: Challenges and opportunities -- Gendered violence and restorative justice / Julie Stubbs -- Reflections of family violence and restorative justice -- addressing the critique / Anne Hayden -- A restorative approach to family violence: changing tack -- concluding thoughts / Heather Strang.