Source: (1999) Paper presented at Leuven, Belgium. October 24, 1999

After a decade of development in restorative justice theory and practice, Daniel Van Ness looks ahead to the role that restorative justice can play within juvenile justice. Will restorative justice replace or supplant juvenile justice? Will it be incorporated within juvenile justice as merely an important part? Will it exist as an official or perhaps unofficial alternative to juvenile justice? Those are significant questions. To indicate potential directions in answer to them, Van Ness explores three underlying questions. What evidence is there that restorative justice will have a role at all in juvenile justice? What is likely to determine the future role of restorative theory and practice in juvenile justice? What is a useful framework for analyzing the kind of role that restorative justice might have? Of additional value in this document are reproductions of a number of slides used by Van Ness to illustrate ideas touched upon in the presentation of his paper.

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