Source: (2013) Abingdon, Oxon, New York, NY : Routledge.

Contents include: A new paradism arises / Ross London -- The meaning of restorative justice / Gerry Johnstone and Daniel W. Van Ness -- Retributive justice, restorative justice / Howard Zehr -- Conflicts as property / Nils Christie -- Restitution : a new paradigm of criminal justice / Randy E. Barnett -- Restorative justice and a better future / John Braithwaite -- The Kitchener experiment / Dean E. Peachey -- Encounter / Daniel W. Van Ness and Karen Keetderks Strong -- The future of mediation / Robert A. Baruch Bush and Joseph G. Folger -- Strategy for community conferences : emotions and social bonds / Suzanne M. Retzinger and Thomas J. Scheff -- Peacemaking circles / Kay Pranis -- Navajo restorative justice : the law of equality and justice / Robert Yazzie and James W. Zion -- Restorative justice and prisons / Kimmett Edgar and Tim Newell -- Restorative justice and police-led cautioning / David O'Mahony and Jonathan Doak -- Restorative justice, gendered violence, and indigenous women / Julie Stubbs -- Responding to hate crimes through restorative justice dialogue / Robert B. Coates, Mark S. Umbreit and Betty Vos -- Restorative justice and reparations / Margaret Urban Walker -- Returning to the teachings / Rupert Ross -- Needs-based justice as restorative / Dennis Sullivan and Larry Tifft -- Seeking socio-ethical grounds for restorative justice / Lode Walgrave -- Restorative justice and the philosophical theories of criminal punishment / Conrad G. Brunk -- Evaluation and restorative justice principles / Howard Zehr -- Does restorative justice work? / John Braithwaite -- Restorative justice : the evidence / Lawrence W. Sherman and Heather Strang -- Reducing recidivism : a task for restorative justice? / Gwen Robinson and Joanna Shapland -- Repair or revenge? / Heather Strang -- Restorative justice : the real story / Kathleen Daly -- Responsibilities, rights and restorative justice / Andrew Ashworth -- The virtues of restorative processes, the vices of "restorative justice" / Paul H. Robinson -- Some sociological reflections on restorative justice / Anthony Bottoms -- Justice anew? / George Pavlich -- The seductive vision of restorative justice / Annalise Acorn