Source: (2005) Johannesburg: Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation. Downloaded 22 August 2005.

The IYOP is committed to developing an effective evidence-based intervention for young offenders and staff in South Africa. Therefore, an integrated review and evaluation was built into the entire IYOP. The overall purpose was to determine if the Integrated Youth Offender approach is an appropriate and effective way of preventing re-offending in young offenders. Three questions were specifically developed to frame the review. These were: 1.) What has changed in the young offender as a result of the programmes individually and collectively?; 2.) What impact did the training focused on Correctional Centre staff have, and did this have an effect on their treatment of offender participants of the programme?; 3.) Is the IYOP model of intervention appropriate and has there been the correct selection of component programmes? The IYOP is complex in the levels of monitoring, assessment and evaluation required for the review. These include the individual learning programme interventions for staff and offenders (assessment both at an individual and group level), the monitoring of the integrated approach, and the evaluation of six independent organisations working together. In addition, the programme set out to achieve a number of core objectives and address a critical range of protective factors with specific outcomes and indicators.(excerpt)

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