Source: (2005) Thesis submitted for Master of Arts in Conflict Analysis and Management. Royal Roads University.

Restorative justice is a rapidly growing field. It is becoming more widely practiced in schools, communities, and the legal system and prisons across Canada and in other countries. Using restorative justice values and principles as a paradigm for managing conflict in the school setting requires a different way of seeing the problem, which in turn calls for a different response to students in conflict. This study focussed, in particular, on the paradigm shift tied to implementing restorative justice processes as a response to the need to deal with violence and conflict situations in schools. This action research project involved a focus group that participated in professional development activities related to restorative justice. As they participated in the project, participants reported the transformations that occurred in their thinking, practice and understanding of conflict and conflict management as it related to their role in the school. (author's abstract)