Source: (2001) Oklahoma City, OK: Oklahoma Criminal Justice Resource Center. Downloaded 2 March 2004.

The phrase “zero toleranceâ€? came into use to describe a program allowing seizure of property of anyone carrying drugs into the United States, no matter how small the amount of drugs. In 1994 the idea and the phrase were then applied to schools in the United States through national legislation to pursue gun-free schools. Since then states and local school boards across the country have extended the zero tolerance approach to toughen disciplinary policies in a number of categories. The Oklahoma Council on Violence Prevention decided in 2001 to investigate questions of violence as they relate to zero tolerance policies in the state of Oklahoma. The aim was to formulate options for action to improve the administration of disciplinary policy in Oklahoma schools. This document reports the research findings and resulting recommendations. Included in the analysis and recommendations is consideration of Native American systems of restitution justice and contemporary restorative justice approaches to wrongdoing and to disciplinary policies.

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