Source: (2005) Englewood, Colorado: National Center on Family Group Decision Making, American Humane. Downloaded 1 December 2005.

In the past decade, the use of family group conferences (FGC) to address welfare issues for children, young people, and their families has increased significantly. FGC is used in a wide range of jurisdictions and communities as an approach to problem solving and decision making. In 2003 and 2004 the authors of this paper conducted an Internet survey of information about FGC developments, patterns, and trends around the world. They organized their survey into four main themes: implementation; practice; research; and future prospects. They sought to describe existing policies, practices, and evaluation efforts on the use of FGC and related practices internationally. This document reports the results of this survey in the following sections: background and relevant literature; research method; findings in each of the main themes; supplemental survey of domestic or family violence; and references. Appendices include the survey questionnaires and information on research and evaluation references and contact people.

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