....“The Prison Ministry Initiative is a response to Jesus´ call to see the women and men behind bars as who they really are: God´s beloved children,” said the initiative’s chairman, STM student Chema Segura, SJ.

The exhibition title, he added, is “a provocative invitation to the spectator: Do you see this person, this human being, as being capable of love and care? A person who is a father or mother, a son or daughter? Or is this person simply a ‘criminal’? The exhibition title is an invitation to rethink and reflect upon our broken justice system in the USA.”

Organizers note that sales of the paintings support educational scholarship funds for both children of the prisoners and for those who have lost a parent to violence, as well as the work of Do-Right Ministries.

Paradox of Oppressed Exultation

"The Paradox of Oppressed Exulation: Shouting the Pot in Invisible Institutions," by Brian Ross, is part of the "Seeing the Man" exhibition coming to the School of Theology and Ministry this month.

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