Source: Paper prepared for the meeting of the Executive Sessions on Sentencing and Corrections. Typed manuscript of preliminary working draft (photocopy). University of Minnesota Law School, September 10-12. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Law School.

Earle claims that two pillars support American democratic society: connection and mutual respect. She then asserts that American criminal justice can either affirm or subvert these twin pillars and American democracy itself. Some new approaches in criminal justice – she names community justice and restorative justice – have features that foster these fundamental democratic values. Additionally, they are congruent with changes in worldview from Newtonian physics to post-Einstein physics and chaos theory, particularly where the worldview of the new physics also fosters the values of connection and mutual respect through its holistic paradigm of existence. Community and restorative justice can change the paradigm of criminal justice from a “machineâ€? to a more holistic vision for creating peace and harmony in our communities.