Source: (2001) The Howard League Magazine 19 (November): 10.

At the 2001 annual conference of the Howard League in England, the final session involved an opportunity for participants to hear directly from two young people about their lives, especially with respect to their relationships with adults. Both young people commented on their anxiety and fear in a world dominated by adults. As an example, the discussion between participants and the youths highlighted the fact that adults are able to smack children, whereas the same behavior towards adults would be a criminal offense. One of the young people in particular told of his running afoul of the juvenile justice system. He commented on the reasons for his behavior, his interactions with police and with his Youth Offending Team officer, and the prospects for his re-offending or remaining out of the system. Additionally, a council member of the Howard League who had offended as a youth spoke about his experience in juvenile custody and the effects on his parents of his actions and imprisonment.