Source: (2005) In Wanda D. McCaslin, ed., Justice as Healing: Indigenous Ways. Writings on Community Peacemaking and Restorative Justice from the Native Law Centre. St. Paul, MN: Living Justice Press. Pp. 184-189.

"Hollow Water is an Ojibway community of some six hundred people located on the east side of Lake Winnipeg, about two hundred kilometers north of Winnipeg. In 1984, a group of social service providers, concerned with the future of their young people, looked into the issues of youth substance abuse, vandalism, truancy, and suicide. After some study, the focus shifted to the children's home life when they identified intergenerational sexual abuse as the root problem. By 1987, they tackled sexual abuse head-on, creating their Community Holistic Circle Healing Program (CHCH). They presently estimate that 75 percent of Hollow Water residents are victims of sexual abuse, and 35 percent are 'victimizers.'"