Source: (2001) In Mending Fences, Resource book and report of an event held on 27 November, by The Thames Valley Partnership. Pp. 17-26.

The Islington Crime Reduction Partnership piloted Acceptable Behaviour Contracts (ABCs) and Parental Control Agreements (PCAs) in the borough of Islington. The contracts were created as a way of tackling anti-social behavior caused by young people. The primary aim is to stop the behavior rather than punish the offenders. The contracts and agreements have been quite effective, reports Paul Dunn of the Anti-Social Behaviour Unit, and so they have been extended throughout the borough. With all of this in mind, Dunn surveys the nature, purpose, and operation of the ABCs and PCAs. He also provides specific examples of a contract and an agreement, as well as case studies that illustrate efforts to control and stop anti-social behavior.

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