Source: (2006) In Michael W. Dowdle, Ed., Public Accountability, Designs, Dilemmas and Experiences. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press. Pp. 115-156.

"My purpose in this try to bring a bit of order to an important and nested set of inquiries. The first objective, therefore, is to argue for a way of thinking about accountability that provides some analytic purchase when sorting through myriad claims of accountability deficits and when attempting to design acceptable accountability regimes. I begin in the next section by "unpacking accountability" to demonstrate that accountability talk is at base talk about the answer to six linked questions -- answers that will form the basic building blocks of what I will refer to as "accountability regimes." These questions take on multiple meanings in diverse contexts, but my claim is that they are a set of questions that must be addressed to make sense of any claim about the efficacy of accountability." (excerpt)