Source: (2010) In, Sharanjeet Parmar, et. al, eds., Children and transitional justice: Truth-telling, accountability and reconciliation. United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and the Human Rights Program at Harvard Law School. pp. 231-292.

This chapter examines crimes committed against children and youth, in particular sexual and gender-based crimes against girls and young women, in northern Uganda by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) over the past twenty years. It raises some of the issues currently being debated on accountability for crimes committed by children in armed conflict, adequate responses to sexual violence and inhuman acts, and the appropriateness and efficacy of traditional justice or judicial redress in these situations. The authors – Khristopher Carlson with Dyan Mazurana and Prudence Acirokop – present two separate essays that address traditional, national and international responses to the abductions, systematic rape, sexual abuse, forced recruitment, enslavement and forced labor that have been perpetrated by members of the LRA on the children and youth of northern Uganda. After more than two decades of atrocities, affected communities, the national Government and international justice processes have begun to consider how to bring those responsible to justice and ensure some level of redress for the victims of these crimes and human rights violations.(excerpt)

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