Source: (2010) paper presented at the African Transitional Justice Research Network Workshop “Advocating Justice: Civil Society and Transitional Justice in Africa” 30–31 August 2010, Johannesburg, South Africa

This paper aims to share efforts made by the Congolese Coalition for Transitional Justice (Coalition Congolaise pour la Justice Transitionnelle, or CCJT) to effect the creation of special hybrid chambers within the Congolese judiciary. To this end, I will start by briefly describing the historical and political situation of the DRC, as well as the context in which the coalition was created. I will then explain our advocacy efforts, as well as the obstacles that we have met. Finally, the role of foreign actors will be described, as well as the reactions of various actors. But, first, I start by examining the role of civil society in the promotion of human rights. (excerpt)

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