Source: (2010) Report of the conference held 30-31 August at Twickenham Guest House, Johannesburg, South Africa. African Transitional Justice Research Network and Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation.

In line with ATJRN’s commitment to building transitional justice content knowledge and collaboration, the “Advocating Justice” workshop was envisaged as a safe space for practitioners and researchers to share their experiences and evaluate African civil society’s engagement with transitional justice measures on the continent, particularly in relation to lobbying governments and regional and international entities to undertake context-appropriate transitional processes.5 The workshop aimed to encourage individuals and organisations to document their advocacy efforts related to influencing government policies and interventions before, during, and/or after transition. It was also intended to provide participants with an opportunity to discuss their experiences, assess lessons about advocacy strategies, and forge personal and institutional links. (excerpt)

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