Source: (2003) Paper presented at the Sixth International Conference on Restorative Justice. June 2003. The Centre for Restorative Justice, Simon Fraser University. Downloaded 2 October 2003.

The approach adopted by the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations Alter-Natives to Non-Violence Initiative is rooted in the understanding that behaviours are the observable symptom of feelings and emotions that are hidden from our view. The negative behaviours of youth have developed into recognizable labels with pre-packaged responses for systems and adults. The process developed to respond to the labelled behaviours does not necessarily address the underlying problems that may be hidden within the lives and experiences of youth. A system has evolved that has been designed to respond to specific labels or symptoms that are convenient and identifiable. The systems are simply not sophisticated enough to resolve the sensitive personal issues of youth at risk. Abstract courtesy of the Centre for Restorative Justice, Simon Fraser University,

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