Source: (2008) Commonwealth Law Bulletin. 34(2):383-416.

This paper aims to illustrate the types of alternative sentences/disposal options to be found in small Commonwealth jurisdictions, those most commonly employed, and some of the resource implications of their use. The paper concludes by examining possible future development of alternative sentencing/disposal options in small Commonwealth jurisdictions and the outline of a suggested Commonwealth Secretariat work plan in this area for member states, for the approval of Law Ministers of Small Commonwealth Jurisdictions. 3. The survey investigated the existence of the following alternative sentencing orders:Probation; Community Service; Reparation; Attendance; Supervision; Curfew/Electronic Tagging; and House Arrest. The existence of the following Alternative Disposal Options was also explored: Mediation/Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR); Caution; Reprimand/Dismissal.(excerpt)