Source: (2004) Devon, UK and Portland OR: Willan Publishing

Facing the consequences of a rapidly increasing prison population across Western society, the search for alternative approaches to punishment and dealing with offenders has become a priority for government and policy and society as a whole. A research program was commissioned by the Coulsfield Inquiry in the United Kingdom to look into alternatives to prison. This book reports the results of this commissioned research program. Written by leading authorities in the field of corrections and alternatives to punishment it provides a comprehensive, authoritative, and broad review of the range of issues associated with the use of non-custodial sanctions. It examines experiences in Scotland and Northern Ireland, as well as England and Wales. The book consists of 16 literature reviews covering key topic issues, such as trends in crime, victimization and punishment, sentencing frameworks, public opinion and community penalties, reparative and restorative justice, rehabilitative and reintegrative approaches, dealing with substance abuse offenders in the community, and punitiveness in high-crime communities. The book is beneficial to anyone with a professional or academic interest in the field of corrections. Abstract courtesy of the National Criminal Justice Reference Service,