Source: (1999) Edinburgh, Scotland: The Scottish Executive Central Research Unit.

This document reports the results of an evaluation of a Young Offender Mediation Project in Fife, Scotland – a project based on a restorative justice model. The evaluation consists of several elements, including qualitative interviews with offenders, their parents, victims, and professionals, and analyses of other relevant sets of information about young offenders. The reporting of the results is organized around the following categories: the operation of the young offender mediation project; numbers and characteristics of cases (including information about offenders and victims); participants’ perceptions of the project; motivations of offenders, parents, and victims in agreeing to participate; perceptions of who should be referred to the project; participants’ perceptions concerning the project’s individual programs (e.g., victim and offender meeting face to face; or a task or service performed by the offender to the victim or the community); effectiveness of the mediation project; and conclusions based on the evaluation findings. An appendix describes the methodology for the evaluation.