Source: (2012) Shippensburg, PA and Washington, DC: Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania and US Dept of Justice, Office of Justice Programs.

In light of the absence of any outcome-based studies, in 2009 the Pennsylvania Juvenile Court Judges’ Commission (JCJC) and the Pennsylvania Chief Juvenile Probation Officers’ Council (PCJPO) authorized the current evaluation of BARJ practice. The present study was exploratory in nature and examined three questions that address the adequacy of BARJ policy and practice. The first question explored the context in which BARJ services were rendered by providing a detailed description of the sample of at-risk youths who received these services. The second question considered the reliability of the BARJ services by describing and classifying the services they received while under court supervision. The final question evaluated the effectiveness of BARJ services in mediating the effects of demographic and ecological risks (see discussion in Catalano & Hawkins, 1996), prior and current offending, and compliance to court supervision on two measures of recidivism. (excerpt)