Source: (2009) Dissertation. Doctor of Philosophy. New York University School of Social Work.

This exploratory study examines the effectiveness of two domestic violence treatment programs implemented in the Orthodox Jewish community: Batterer Intervention Program, used commonly for re-socializing male abusers, and Healing Circles, a restorative justice program that rests on the premise that treatment must consider the culture, behavioral patterns and traditions of the family being treated. Based upon in-depth interviews of participants and facilitators from both programs, the study results suggest that Healing Circles may be more effective in addressing domestic violence because the treatment involved both partners in an environment that provided support and safety. Making use of emergent themes from the interview process, Healing Circles were shown~not only to result in decreased domestic violence, but also in concrete ideas of how the participating couples might improve their relationships. This study sheds light on issues to be addressed when dealing with domestic violence in communities requiring special cultural sensitivity.