Source: (2010) Reflexions past, present and future. Restorative Justice Week 2010. Correctional Services of Canada.

Part of this healing process, for me, was a seminar in which Wilma Derksen was the guest speaker. At this seminar, I was moved to tears by the strength and tenderness with which she spoke. She said that what most “victims” want from offenders is confirmation of change. This really made me think about what that meant. To this very day, I do not think that I will ever meet my own expectations of what that is. I believe that it is just that attitude that will help me stay on the healing path. I am now involved in the very long and arduous process of victim/offender mediation. I believe that this is important for me to do. Not for my need to be forgiven, but for my need to let the victim of crime know that no matter what path my life is on, in no way will this individual ever have to fear that I will cause them harm again. I would like to say that I would never be the one who causes harm to anyone again, but that is impossible, as I am human. (excerpt)

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