Lastly, we also have heard from Greg's family that the legal appeals on behalf of Greg  to seek compensation from the state of Oklahoma for his wrongful conviction and imprisonment on death row have again been denied. These appeals for compensation have been hard fought over a seven year period by Greg's attorney and others. It is a sad fact that restitution to the "victim" of this type of miscarriage of justice is rarely paid promptly if at all. Laws should be changed to make this process swift and sure. 

The state of Oklahoma has put up every barrier it can to avoid paying Greg for the years he spent behind bars as an innocent man. Restorative justice can and should be applied in cases of wrongful conviction to assure that justice is done and that the true offender is held accountable. In Greg's case, the guilty party who killed Greg's wife was never found. Details of the case are in my original post.

To learn more about Greg Wilhoit contact the Journey of Hope: From Violence to Healing.