Source: (2007) Canada: The International Development Research Centre.

Dagomba International is working in three communities-Voinjama, Salayea, and Zorzor- in Lofa County to strengthen the prospects for peace, stability and foster a culture of reconciliation in the era of post-conflict reconstruction Liberia. Through Locally Initiated Networks for Community Strengthening (LINCS) Program, Dagomba has established Community Peace Councils (CPCs) in these three districts to enhance local capacity to mitigate conflict, violence, facilitate dispute resolution between ex-combatants and their host communities, in addition to their reintegration. Furthermore, CPCs seek to improve communication at all levels within the framework of national reconciliation. The program is also intended that the relationship between ex-combatants and victims is non acrimonious but of reconciliatory through peaceful return of internally displaced people, refugees and ex-combatants. In doing so Dagomba International facilitates working relationships between the CPCs and the National Ex-Combatant Peace Building Initiative (NEPI), a group of Liberian ex-combatants that seeks to share lessons learnt to their fellow ex-combatants. (excerpt)