Source: (2004) Bellevue, Washington, USA: Edvita Institute. Downloaded 31 October 2005.

The Violence Integrative Prevention and Restorative Model (PAR Model or “Integrative Modelâ€?) supports and may significantly enhance the efficacy of restorative justice (RJ) programs. The Integrative Model and the associated educational programs incorporate a new language for describing violence, provides a new structure for prevention of and response to violence, and presents an effective alternative to the more traditional “punitiveâ€? model for dealing with violence. For criminal/justice organizations making a transition to the new restorative justice paradigm, the Integrative Model assessment, professional development trainings, and classroom-based violence response curricula can provide a language and framework which ease the change process. This is accomplished by eliminating many of the liabilities of the punitive model. This paper summarizes restorative justice principles, the punitive model, the Integrative Model, and discusses applications and outcomes within a correctional restorative justice environment. Author's abstract.

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