Source: (2003) E-Law. Murdoch University Electronic Journal of Law. Perth, Western Australia: Murdoch University School of Law. 10(2). Downloaded 15 December 2003.

Therapeutic jurisprudence is the view that court processes can affect the well being of participants in the judicial process. Hence, court processes should be developed to promote well being or at least to limit negative effects on well being of those involved. Such processes can advance goals of the justice system such as offender rehabilitation and public confidence in the justice system. In this paper, Michael King looks specifically at ways in which different geographic, social, cultural, and jurisdictional contexts affect the manner in which therapeutic jurisprudence is applied in the judicial process. For example, regional judicial officers are faced with challenges that differ from those of their city counterparts. King illustrates all of this through consideration of social, geographic, and cultural factors that shape the application of therapeutic jurisprudence by regional magistrates in Western Australia.

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