Source: (1998) Crime and Deliquency. 44(1): 154-177.

Metaphors are often both helpful and unhelpful in suggesting the meaning of that to which they refer. William Geller explores the relationship between the “Weed and Seedâ€? metaphor and the reality of crime prevention efforts in United States cities. As he remarks, the actuality of the federal government’s “Weed and Seedâ€? crime prevention program reflects the ambiguity in the use of metaphors. There has been some success in “weedingâ€? of crime conditions out of communities, but it is doubtful whether “seedingâ€? of healthy, growth-oriented conditions has achieved results. Against this background, Geller details the Community Security Initiative, launched in 1994, to bring together police and community development corporations in pursuit of safer, more economically sustainable communities.

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