Source: (1999) In, Michael Tonry, ed., Crime and Justice, Vol. 25: An Annual Review of Research. Univ. of Chicago Press.

For years this distinguished series has provided scholars and practitioners with timely, cross-disciplinary reviews of research on some of today's most pressing policy issues. Volume 25 includes articles by Jeffery A. Fagan and James Freeman on crime and work; John Braithwaite on restorative justice; Josine Junger-Tas and Ineke Haen Marshall on self-report methodology in crime research; Roger Lane on the history of murder in America; James B. Jacobs and Lauryn P. Gouldin on Cosa Nostra; Brandon C. Welsh and David P. Farrington on monetary costs and benefits of crime prevention programs; and Francis T. Cullen, Bonnie Fisher, and Brandon Applegate on public opinion about crime and the criminal justice system.