Source: (2004) Conclusion. In Foblets, Marie-Claire, and Trutz von Trotha, eds., Healing the Wounds: Essays on the Reconstruction of Societies after War. Portland, Oregon: Hart Publishing. Pp. 261-271.

The problem of violence xe2x80x93 write Marie-Claire Foblets and Barbara Truffin xe2x80x93 is one of the most important and longstanding questions raised by anthropologists concerning the ongoing constitution and reconstitution of human societies. It is one of the most difficult questions to grasp and to resolve. At the same time, while the problem is so challenging, there is no shortage of anthropological analyses of violence, with attention being paid to causes of violence and ways in which societies deal with violence. As Foblets and Truffin comment, the studies in this book are intended to take anthropological reflection a step further. The overall purpose is to draw out and document the many peace processes whereby human communities all over the world are seeking to restructure themselves in the aftermath of overt conflict and violence. With all of this in mind, Foblets and Truffin discuss the interdisciplinary aspects of these anthropological studies of peace processes, three basic types of analysis of peace processes, and the use of such studies in enabling societies to overcome or transcend violence.