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Victims and restorative justice .

Source: (2014) London : Routledge.Restorative justice aims to address the consequences of crime by encouraging victims and offenders to communicate and discuss the harm caused by the crime that has been committed. In the majority of cases, restora... READ MORE

Why restorative justice matters for criminology.

Source: (2013) Restorative Justice 1(2):159-167.This editorial is written on the occasion of the ‘official’ launch of Restorative Justice: An International Journal at the annual conference of the European Society of Criminology, held in Bu... READ MORE

An adventure is taking off. Why Restorative Justice: An International Journal?

Source: (2013) Restorative Justice: An International Journal. 1(1):1-14.The idea of creating an international journal on restorative justice is not particularly new. In the last ten years, and even before that, ideas were exchanged and plans mad... READ MORE

Crime Policy in Europe: Good Practices and Promising Examples

Source: (2006) Council of Europe PublishingThe positive reception of this reader ["Crime and Criminal Justice in Europe"] encouraged preparation of this present publication on criminal policy in the member states of the Council of Europe. This tim... READ MORE

Ways to foster social support

Source: (2010) Leuven: European Forum for Restorative JusticeHow can cooperation be developed with voluntary sector organisations in order to inform and educate the public and to create broad support for restorative justice? There are the main fo... READ MORE

Restorative Justice and More Serious Offences: Beyond the Diversion-Inclusion Debate.

Source: (2006) Papers presented at the Fourth Conference of the European Forum for Restorative Justice, “Restorative justice: An agenda for Europe”, Barcelona, Spain, 15-17 June 2006.It is quite appealing to defend the idea of restorative just... READ MORE

Action-Research in the Field of Restorative Justice: An Opportunity or a Risk?

Source: (2008) Report of the fifth conference of the European Forum for Restorative Justice, Building restorative justice in Europe: cooperation between the public, policy makers, practitioners and researchers, Verona.In the Belgian experience, co... READ MORE